How to know when you are ready to delegate

Monday morning, clocking in, coffee and open emails. They’re in the hundreds, no thousands even. Where do you start?

Meanwhile, your friend has been going on about “inbox zero hero” what does that even mean nowadays. Surely there will never be a point in business where you have zero emails to worry about at the end of the day, can there?

Business boomed, quickly. It was so good, work was coming in from all directions. Now that inbox is daunting. Haunting every call you make, flashing red when ever you open a new email. Now is the time to take action. Reducing your digital clutter is no easy task, why not ask someone else to take over?

You know you are ready to delegate your work load when you can’t keep on top of it yourself. For the most part those emails, while they are important you could probably delete half due to unqualified leads or sales pitches. Perhaps some of them are doing the same thing you do, why would it be worthwhile working with your competitors? There is a time and place for all of these people, only you have neither the time or place for them with the state of your inbox.

When looking to delegate tasks, you should be comfortable with the person you are working with. Make sure you know what is expected from you and vice versa. This is not an employee relationship, this is a business partnership. A Wing-Woman to assist you with the tasks which you cannot cope with. Ensure you are 100% comfortable with this person as they will be rooting through your emails getting you to the point of inbox perfection.

Before you head off into the world of business partnerships, make sure you know what you are looking for.

  • Make a list of tasks you want to delegate. Find some one who is able to do what you require.
  • Figure out what you are able to afford. While it is good to keep in mind your budget, VAs and Wing-Women have their own business and expenses. You won’t get a platinum service for the price of a take away.
  • Research the market. Look into who you will be working with, find out if there is anyone local or search for multiple VAs/ Wing-Women and get to know what they do.
  • Speak with other people who have hired a virtual assistant/ Wing-Woman. If in doubt, recommendations go a long way. Speaking with people who have been in your position and have hired a VA/ Wing-Woman, will know what you are going through and understand it is a tremendous task. They will be able to provide some much needed assurance for the inbox zero hero you are craving.

When you have done the above, only then can you begin a partnership, be honest and open with your VA/ Wing-Woman as they need to know what tasks you require from them. They will not be happy if you hire them for a digital declutter and end up asking for content writing. This is not what you have agreed with them. Keeping the partnership honest and open is the best policy for a happy working relationship on all sides. Not only will you be happy, so will your VA/ Wing-Woman and it keeps HMRC from asking questions which shouldn’t need to be asked if you stick to your agreement.

A VA/ Wing-Woman should be your life jacket when business takes off and becomes too much to handle. Taking them for granted is a puncture in the making. If you aren’t ready to let go of some tasks then wait until you are. No one will resent you for waiting until the right time to start a very important business partnership. When you are ready the right Virtual Assistant/ Wing-Woman will be ready and waiting for you to get you back on track.