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A Day in the Life of…

No one day is the same for me and that’s why I love what I do.

I’m going to walk you through my last working day.

We are usually awake for around 8am. Ian leaves for work at 7.30am so it’s just Jack and I. I make breakfast and drinks for us and we have a lounge around in bed for a while, watching some TV or reading a book. I start working at 9am. First order of the day is posting to social media platforms. I then check notifications to see if there are any urgent issues. I take Jack to pre school at 9.45am and then start on client work when I return. Currently I’m working on some social media accounts- reducing the accounts that a client is following and researching accounts she might like to follow. Lunch is 12pm.

For the first hour and 20 after lunch I check all 4 social media platforms. I set a timer for 20 minutes for each platform. I try to comment meaningfully on 3 posts and find new people to follow or connect with.

Then it’s back to client work. I spend time on a CRM project. My client sends updates after networking meetings on who he has met and sends photos of business cards to be uploaded.

3pm is time to fetch Jack. When we get home we have a snack and I check my notifications.

At 4pm Jack and I tidy up ready for Ian to get home at 5pm or we do an activity together- well try to anyway😊

5pm my work phone is switched off, I’m off for a soak in the bath with a book while the boys cook dinner.

What I do in the evening depends on whether it’s my turn to settle Jack or not. Ian and I take it in turns so we both get the chance to relax a little in the evenings or get a chance to do bath times etc. If it’s my turn to have the evening off, I’ll either work on the business with a movie in the background, read a book, bullet journal, sew…I’ve got lots of hobbies I like to get stuck into!

Would you like to share your typical day?