I offer comprehensive Productivity Enhancing Packages complete with realistic and personalised time management plans and digital decluttering administration.

These are the things I can take off your hands:

  • CRM Management: setting you up on software, entering data and creating a personalised user manual.
  • Business Card Decluttering: do you have piles of business cards from networking? What do you do with them? I can enter them onto a CRM/ document of your choice so those details will be at your fingertips.
  • Social Media Decluttering: are you following so many people on social media that you’re not able to see those ideal clients or the valuable content anymore? Let me know the kind of people you want to see and I can curate your lists for you.
  • Cloud Drive Decluttering: lots of files on your Cloud Drive with random names? I can rename and organise for you saving you precious time when you’re looking for that vital piece of information.
  • InBox Zero Hero: are you overwhelmed with the volume of emails you’re receiving? I can unsubscribe you from the ones that no longer have value. I can reorganise the emails you do want to keep into easy folders and I can save any attachments to your cloud drive for easy reference.
  • Mailing List Creation: do you have email addresses you’ve gathered ready for your mailing list? I’ll add them to software of your choice and get you started. This will also come with a personalised user manual.
  • Set up of apps: I can advise on apps to help with your productivity. We can discuss your needs in our initial consultation call. Any apps will come with a personalised user manual.
  • Online Research: this can include market research, research for events, presentations, hashtag research, competitor research, keyword research.
  • Document Creation: creation of reports on your social media performance, Google Analytics reports, preparing training manuals, composing documents from handwritten or audio notes, turning spreadsheets into graphs, creating forms and surveys, configuring PDF files, presentations.
  • e-Book creation.