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Social Media Tips


Did you know you can customise the tabs for your business page? Have something special you want to promote or something you think will help your customers gain a better understanding of your brand? Here’s how.

Log on to Facebook and go to your business page.

Click on Settings in the top right corner:

It will take you through to this page where you can customise your page. Click on Templates and tabs

Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see “Add a tab”

You will then see options on which tabs you can add:

All done! You can then go back to your page and click on your new tab to add information.


Are you struggling to find things you need on Twitter?

Try conducting an advanced search to find what you want. Here’s how.

Log on to your Twitter account and go to the search bar in the top right and type in what you would like to search for.

Click Enter to go through to the next screen and you’ll see the option for an Advanced Search

This is where you can get VERY specific about what you want to find. You can specific right down to the date of a tweet!

Press Enter and you’ll get your result. In my case just the one tweet.

This is ideal for any research projects, finding content you might want to engage with, people you might want to connect with.


Did you know you can add images to Instagram from your desktop if you use Chrome as a browser in a few easy steps?

Go onto Instagram and log on to your account.

Open Chrome Developer Tools by clicking on Ctrl + Shift + J. This looks like a lot of scary tech language but you don’t need to worry about what it is. I promise!

You’ll notice your mouse arrow has changed to a gray dot. Don’t worry about this.

Next, click Ctrl + Shift + M and hit refresh on the browser. You’ll then see this screen and you’ll be able to add your post!

If you’ve found these tips useful please let me know.

If there’s anything you would like more tips with drop me a line!